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irv played Mario Tennis

10/APR/09 | Back to irv's Profile
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irv said...
  • excited
well first i'd like to say to all my fans out there who have missed
me here's the truth as i know it (and there can be only one truth)

1. No Mercy 64 = still your singles champ. cant seem to get the other
in the ring, maybe im just that damn good!

2. Mario Kart GC = scandal got lucky and won but yours truly had come
back from a 4 - 0 run to tie it at 4 - 4 but scandal was the better
driver that night

3. buzz mega quiz PS2 = i won the last one but haven't been keeping
you all posted on my many many victories. ms red won the first ever 8
man buzz off. but you know who was right on her heels. i have to say
that i couldn't get around that fake wall. but stay tunned

4. War Craft II PC = lots of trash talk but no blood shed as of yet.
cant wait until scandal gets the server up so the orcs can drink
human blood

5. Tekken tag/ tekken 5 PS2 = scandal won the last match but the game
is down for now. sumo and nina will be back as soon as we get another

6. Mario Tennis GC = singles = boogie took the night with
her "stella" victories over the mighty kong and the others. kong was
asked to sit and let wiggler have a run but over all boogie won the
most that night. kong is screaming foul but he was beat fair and
square. look for the monkey to come back strong

7. DBZ Budaki 3 PS2 = hands down i kick ass. next

8. Madden 08 PS2 = i lost my madden and cant seem to get the eagles
on the field. some say he's burnt out i say he's just out.

Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis (GBC)

Genre/Style: Sports/Tennis
Release Date: 16/JAN/01
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