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irv's gameplay for Monopoly (WII)

irv played Monopoly

28/JUN/09 | Back to irv's Profile
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irv said...
  • happy
Payme has finally fell to Ms Red but I didnt get my monopoly first. Mean while the kids are talking trash about beating me but until they learn what to do with the money, they are going to have a hard time trying not to PAYME!

Monopoly (WII)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Board Game
Release Date: 20/OCT/08
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i was not talking trash. we were talkin about how we can beat u in monopoly
you can only tallk trash if you win. check the records folks and let the record speak for its self. The kids have won one or two but when you add it all up, PAYME will always collect his debts
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