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irv's gameplay for WWF No Mercy (N64)

irv played WWF No Mercy

03/MAR/10 | Back to irv's Profile
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irv said...
  • excited
Irv defends the 3 Way Title TWICE in one day! The Champ came in the ring hot, winning the first series 3-0-0. The next series started just like the first with the Champ winning game one. Blue finally steps up tp the plate and wins game two. Lacy going 6 games without a win wins two games back to back. Blue comes back to win the next game . the score is now 1-2-2. Oh no the champ is in danger of losing the belt . . . but wait out of no where like a thuder bolt from Heaven, YOUR 3 Way Champ wins the last two games to turn in yet anothher fantastic come back win AND STILL 3 WAY CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!

See the highlights on YouTube = teamirv
WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy (N64)

Genre/Style: Sports/Wrestling
Release Date: 15/NOV/00
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